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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Results Pool

Here are the current predictions of when we'll actually know who won. If you'd like to add your best guest, post a comment or email me. Prize to be determined. Yes, you can pick a date someone else has picked. No, there's no fee. It's all about the bragging rights at this point.

Nov. 2 (Doug E.)
Nov. 2, 10pm PST (Mike W.)
Nov. 3 (KGB)
Nov. 3 (Alissa K.)
Nov. 3 (Ric R.)
Nov. 6 (Kevin B.)
Nov. 7 (Anthony F.)
Nov. 10, 11:10am EST (Jason S.)
Nov. 23 (Danny B.)
--- Dec. 2 - over/under ---
Dec. 11 (Tom H.)
Dec. 17 (Steve O.)
Dec. 20 (Rych W.)
Jan. 5 (Deb S.)

Nov. 2, 2008 (Dennis B.)


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