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Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Next Campaign

I have ideas. Most of them involve showing voters in certain states that the Republican party does not have the monopoly on morality. Some of them are also about respecing the views of the other half of the country. (That one's especially directed at Dick Cheney. Yo, Dick: 51% doesn't qualify as a "mandate". It's barely "tepid approval".)

Once I'm feeling a bit better -- physically, not psychologically; this cold (or flu or whatever it is) is sucking the energy out of me -- I'll write things out a bit more coherently and try to figure out with whom in the Democratic party I need to have a chat. I've got a couple of connections who might humor me.

Looks like John Ashcroft may be on his way out. His potential replacement will be a major factor when I decide whether to stay here and fight the good fight or do it from Canada. (They have kindly reminded us that potential U.S. emigrants will have to wait in the visa line like everyone else. For the really determined, claiming refugee status looks like the way to go.)

Colin Powell looks ready to wash his hands of the Bush Administration. I admire him for sticking it out this long.

Defamer.com sees it my way: It's all Affleck's fault. Doesn't even really matter what the pronoun represents. Affleck's to blame. I'm on to him. Oh, yes. I'm on to him.


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