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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

When I'm In Charge, November's Gonna Be Different

When I'm in charge, November is going to be a little different.

I'd never be so crass as to ban early holiday displays, of course. Besides being mean, it would just make people start pitching Christmas trees even earlier in a show of defiance, and that would be plain counterproductive.

However, when I'm in charge, all pre-December Christmas trappings will be strongly discouraged, with the exceptions of the following:

  1. Seasonally-flavored coffee drinks, especially Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice concoction. That, right there, is some good stuff. But if you want that egg nog-flavored stuff... have at it. More Pumpkin Spice for me.

  2. A Charlie Brown Christmas. The soundtrack is too smooth (in a jazzy sort of way, not a Muzak-y sort of way) to put anyone on edge. It may be the only in-store music that I ever see anyone grinning about. The actual special is pretty freakin' good, too.

Who's with me? Show of lattes!


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