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Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Few Things I Need

Things I need within the next few weeks:

A new apartment.

A new day gig.

An open-source content management system which is less trouble to set up and use than it would be to hand-code the site I need to revamp.

Some time to sit down and pore over exit poll data.

The day gig, I'm not too worried about. It sucks that my current one is likely ending in a few weeks -- but roughly annual job searches are a hazard of my profession, and Aquent has always come through for me. They throw a great holiday party, too.

I'll continue to sift through content management systems on opensourcecms.com until I find something that I can easily tailor to bushtwinspartyhour.com, or until someone offers to do it for me. (Not that I'm fishing. Unless you're good at setting up templates. Then I'm totally fishing.)

The exit poll data will help distract that portion of my brain that obsesses over numbers and pointless details. The fact that it's also research for the show is a nice bonus.

Now, does anyone have a line on an apartment in West L.A./Santa Monica which can accommodate two adults, two cats and two cars for an amount of money which might seem exorbitant in most places but would actually be quite reasonable for the 310, and is available by early-mid February?

Hey, a girl can dream.

(This is all going to make a great novel someday, right?)


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