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Friday, November 05, 2004


Machine Error Gives Bush Extra Ohio Votes
Never mind the 150,000 as-yet-to-be-counted provisional ballots. Seems that in a precinct in suburban Columbus, the votes went 4258 Bush/260 Kerry. Which is rather... interesting, given that only 638 voters cast ballots. Why, yes, they did have a new electronic system. Why do you ask? Meanwhile, in the precincts where they punch it old-school, over 92,000 ballots have been discounted, likely because of - wait for it - hanging chads.

Congratulations, Ohio! You are officially the new Florida! You can pick up your sash and tiara at the courthouse.

I'd love to see some principle-of-the-thing challenges. Hey, what happens if, after a President has been sworn in, a recount is authorized and it turns out he didn't win a key state after all? Can the electoral college meet for a do-over? Oddly enough, we didn't cover this back at the university.


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