Quondam Dreams

Thursday, March 30, 2006


One good thing about knowing when my most recent contract was going to end was that I was able to schedule a bunch of appointments for this week. Apparently, I have lost weight since last time I've seen some of these people. Okay, then!

I'm starting to remember why not working stresses me out so much. It's not the lack of employment itself; it's the trying to fill the days. I think I've taken my laptop to every Starbucks in a three-mile radius. Given that I'm in West L.A., that's an awful lot of Starbucks (Starbuckses? Starbuckii?). Beats doing all this at home, though. At home, naps are very tempting. In public, I may not be getting much accomplished, but at least I'm awake and therefore theoretically productive.

And, hey! I've, like, been totally productive and stuff! I've spoken with my contracting agency twice, crafted a cover letter for a Real JobTM in which I'm interested, and posted my predictions for the whole damn baseball season over on It's A Talking Sport. Go ahead, read 'em. Longtime Dodger fans will either laugh or wince at a particular section. Which section that is will become abundantly clear when you get to it.


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