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Monday, April 16, 2007

A Note To Recruiters, Re: Los Angeles Geography

Look, I appreciate your coming across my resume and taking the time to Google me. (It's kind of a creepy notion, but if I saw my improbable resume, I'd probably want to investigate, too. It's all true, though, even the bits at the end.) If you have an employment opportunity for me, I'd certainly like to hear about it.

Just one thing: Please don't tell me that the opportunity is "right near [me]" unless the opportunity in question is in the 310 area code.

The only general exception to the 310 rule is the 323 -- and even then, I hope you're pitching me a phenomenal gig with flexible hours.

I'm not being a wimp or a snob here. I don't mind driving, and I have nothing against the rest of the Los Angeles area. I'm just saying, if you're trying to send me more than a few miles from my home address, I don't care how close the office looks on a map. I've been driving in this town for a long time. I know the traffic patterns. If I have to spend an hour in my car, the job is not "right near [me]," and I'd rather you mention the location at the top of the pitch.

To summarize: 310 = good. 323 = iffy. Anywhere else = ask about telecommuting policy.

Thank you for your interest. No, really. Mean it. Just trying to save us both a lot of phone minutes.


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