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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Note To Barack Obama, To Be Written In Colored Ink On Folded Notebook Paper

Hi Barack -

You probably have a lot of notes to get through, so I'll get straight to the point. I just heard that you're taking Joe with you to Denver. That's not why I'm writing. I'm sure you two will have a good time.

I'm writing because I think it was really cheesy of you not to tell me in person. Instead, I had to find out by text message in the middle of the night, like everyone else.

I don't know, maybe you didn't see my note. I guess it's possible that you had so many people inviting you to invite them to Denver that you missed mine. Except I know you're hyper-organized, so it's hard for me to think that you didn't file my note in alphabetical order with the rest of them. My last name starts with an A, and I know that if you were looking at the Bs and Cs then you had to have seen it. Plus, mine had glitter stickers. How can you miss something with glitter stickers?

So, yeah, I'm a little miffed. But in case you're worried about it, I'm not all that mad. I'll still vote for you for president of the January Ball, because I think you'll do much better than John would, and, anyway, you're cuter. I'll still be here in case you need me to help, which you might if that thing about Joe comes out. (What "thing about Joe"? Exactly. You heard nothing from me.) Call me or text me if you need me to talk to Hillary, or if Joe is totally boring you.

g/g - ttfn,

P.S. Tell Michelle I said hi.


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