Quondam Dreams

Friday, November 12, 2004


Yeah, I know I've been lagging on the blogging. This is mostly due to a good week or so of my head feeling like it's trying to explode and implode at the same time. The forces seem to be working in more or less equal opposition, so that's something, I think. This morning, I was prescribed some very pretty antibiotics, which should clear up the ear infection. Maybe then the rest of my head will take the hint and stop making like it's full of cotton batting.

Ouch ouch ouch.

Anyway. Election stuff... the rest of the analysts are starting to figure out that the big divide is between people who live in the big cities and people who don't live there and wish those city folk would stop telling them how to run their lives, which they've been running just fine for generations, thank you very much. (Yes, I'm extrapolating. I think I'm qualified. And take that how you will.) Gathering whispers of possible recounts in Ohio, New Hampshire, North Carolina and maybe even Florida. What does it say when the only journalist with a national audience who's really following the whole vote-counting mishegas is Keith Olbermann? Any recounts won't take into account the people who were turned away at the polls, couldn't wait four hours in the rain or got bad information on provisional ballots. (Yes, that last sentence is a mess. Brain trying to escape through my temples here.)

For those of you considering a move to Canada, here's your new culture in a nutshell: The owner of the CFL's Hamilton TiCats is looking for new chant to supplant "Argos Suck". I can't adequately explain how perfect it is. Just click on that first link and you'll see.


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