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Friday, April 11, 2008

A Note To Pennsylvania Election Officials, Re: Ballots

Hi, gang.

Hardly a primary goes by that we don't hear about a shortage of Democratic ballots in some precincts. It seems that no matter how carefully state and local officials plan, sometimes there just aren't enough ballots to go around.

I know you're probably not used to people paying so much attention to the Pennsylvania primary. When was the last time things were up in the air as late as April? I'm sure you're all very good at your jobs -- but, frankly, I'm worried that if good-at-their-jobs people in states that are used to mattering couldn't figure out how many ballots to order, you might be a little out of your depth.

I believe in solving problems before they get out of hand. So, possibly-overwhelmed Pennsylvania election officials, I ask you:

Would you like me to make you some extra copies of your ballot?

Seriously, I've got a couple of days, and I'm sure I can get some copy store clerk to let me in on the script rate. If you let me know now, I can get a whole bunch done by Monday afternoon. I'll overnight them to you, and you should be good to go on Tuesday.

If you can use my help, please feel free to contact me through this blog. If you don't contact me, and find yourself short of ballots, I reserve the right to say "told you so".


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