Quondam Dreams

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

109 Days


Unemployment is officially wearing on me.

I spent big chunks of the past two weeks doing editing and coding evaluations from places from which I still haven't heard back. It's unpaid labor, but at least it was something to do.

Latest sign o' the times: The site that seemed like a good bet for employment decided that rather than go through the trouble of recruiting, interviewing and hiring new people, they'd just buy another company and pick and choose from the people they absorb.

"But they'll probably do another round of hiring in a few months," the relevant creative agent told me, trying hard to sound perky and sort of succeeding.


I'm hanging in there financially. I'm still out there socially, staying out way too late. I'm devoting some time to properly learning Flash and PHP; they're not really part of what I do, but out-of-their-depth recruiters and HR people like to see those buzzwords on resumes. There are exit polls to analyze. I'm keeping superficially busy. I'm not wallowing, at least not much. I'll live.

But, damn, is it boring.


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