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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Things Which I Have Learned Recently

If you want to switch from not-soft to soft contact lenses, you must refrain from wearing your not-soft contacts for approximately one week per every three years you've worn the lenses. Let's see... I've had the contacts since 1991... three goes into 14 4.67 times... yeah, that's not happening. I'll stick with the rigid gas permeables.


Note to anyone who has a profile up on an online dating site: If you see that your list of possible matches displays with the first line or so of your possible matches' profiles -- often cutting them off mid-word -- then yours displays the same way. Do not start your profile with anything resembling any of the following:

"So this is where I talk about who I am. Okay, I'm a h..."
"Thanks for viewing my profile. I just put up a n..."
"I'm not sure why I'm here, I hate filling out th..."
"I've done just about everything I wan..."
"Hello, ladies!! I'm happy to meet you!! I wa..."

And run your profile through a spell-check, would you?


Housing costs a lot. I'm not seriously looking for a new place, but since I'm sending off resumes to some far-flung (yet still L.A.-area) locations, I figured it couldn't hurt to browse some ads. Yikes.


A short list of types of people who rarely understand people who do not live like they do, and often feel compelled to help those poor people whether those poor people want it or not, in no particular order: The super-neat; the in-love; the people with active sex lives; the super-thin; stoners; Ohio residents; the habitually too-early; drivers of Hummers; non-flakes; Los Angeles-area residents.


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