Quondam Dreams

Monday, December 27, 2004

Breathing Room

I've managed to postpone my health coverage crisis for a few months. COBRA is my cheapest option. Isn't that supposed to be the most expensive, last-resort, get-you-through-the-gap program? But it was either that or join a less-inclusive plan for more money -- which I very nearly did, until I did the math. So, barring another job coming along, it's COBRA until it's up in May, and then into the state Major Risk pool for me. Whee!

That out of the way for a while, I was free to enjoy Christmas festivities. I love hanging out with my peeps -- actors, Jews, holiday orphans and people who aren't holiday orphans but would rather spend the time with their chosen family than with their relatives. The McCarthys invited the acting bunch over for Christmas Eve Eve; as always with them, it was a fun time that went perhaps a bit too late. Fortunately, their new place in Woodland Hills is much closer than their old one in Mission Viejo, which is very important at a quarter to three in the morning. Jenny P. had a little shindig on Christmas Eve, and of course Christmas Day was what's become the annual Jews and Holiday Orphans potluck: put a couple dozen actors in the same apartment, get the booze and food flowing, and let the merry-making begin! This year's edition was hosted by the lovely Shelley Delayne, who not only doesn't seem to mind that some of us stayed till 11:30, but who is also hooking me up with a jewelry-making gig. Thanks, Shelley!

The Bush Twins Party Hour has its first preview in about 11 hours. Eek!


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