Quondam Dreams

Monday, September 26, 2005

New Addition

Back up and running, thanks to my new(-ish) arrival. It's a bouncing li'l 14-inch iBook, which looks just like every other 14-inch iBook at Starbuck's. Low on the geek scale, but it's more than adequate for now. Name and gender TBD.

Just kind of muddling through these days. I have no idea how long my current freelance gig will last; could end tomorrow, could end next year. Starting to get responses from my latest wave of resumes, so that's tentatively good.

I've been doing a lot more improv and sketch stuff lately -- all very informal, but, hey, it's a workout. After years of writing and performing sketch comedy, I decided it was time to learn what I'm doing, so I'm taking a class. I show up, engage, master the concept, do the work... but something's just not clicking. It's like my brain just isn't set up to write within this particular method. Very frustrating. I'm planning to stick with it, but it's going to take some serious brute strength. And maybe an epiphany or two.


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