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Friday, April 28, 2006

Daytime Emmy Soap Predix (For Posterity, Not Because Anyone Who Reads This Blog Cares About Them)

Old habits die hard... plus there's a chance I may need to get back up to speed on all this stuff. Anyway, I'm in full-on pre-performance procrastination mode...

Drama Series: The Young And The Restless. All actors, writers and directors are hereby ordered to watch the episode in which Cassie dies. See, that's how you wring every ounce of emotion out of a situation without insulting the audience's intelligence. That sucker was better-done than most of what gets submitted for prime time Emmy judging. The other submitted episode was run-of-the-mill good up until the last few minutes, which were... um, pretty damn hot.

All that said, Guiding Light might pull it out. They submitted some great tapes, and they could frankly use the win.

If General Hospital wins, it will be because it has mastered the art of producing two blowout episodes per year and submitting those for the Emmy. I think that's kind of pathetic, but it does seem to work for them. So there ya go.

Directing: Y&R. Writng: ATWT. Always the safe picks.

Lead Actor: Tony Geary from General Hospital. See Park, Hit Out Of.

Lead Actress: Kim Zimmer from Guiding Light. The Bold And The Beautiful's Susan Flannery has won before by submitting the same type of tapes that she did this year, so I'm thinking a little fatigue might be setting in. Wait a minute. What am I thinking? This is the Daytime Emmys. Fatigue never sets in. Let's say it's a toss-up between the two of them.

Supporting Actor: In this category, there's usually someone who stands out in a very particular way, and they get the award. This year, there are two of them. Depending on who's on the panel, it will either go to Jordan Clarke of Guiding Light (he's the one from a different demographic -- see Stuart Damon and Ben Hendrickson's wins for an example of this) or Trent Dawson of As The World Turns (same age range as the other three nominees, but the only one who consistently brings the funny). Jordan Clarke wins if Trent Dawson splits the votes with last year's winner, Greg Rikaart of Y&R. Trent Dawson wins if there's new blood on the panel. Greg Rikaart wins again if there's not. (Not that he doesn't do a good job. I just don't think his tapes from this year are as good as last year's, and I think that does matter.)

Supporting Actress - There's rarely a way to predict this one. My gut says Gina Tognoni of Guiding Light. Not that my gut instinct is any great predictor.

Younger Actor - Michael Graziadei of Y&R. The soap press at large has been fawning over GL's Tom Pelphrey ever since he started off, but I don't think the voters quite buy it. From what I hear, Michael's submissions were better. Possible upsetter is Jesse Soffer of As The World Turns, though Jennifer Landon's going to have to win her category for him to pull that off. Speaking of which:

Younger Actress - Toss-up between Y&R's Camryn Grimes and ATWT's Jennifer Landon. In Camryn's favor: Freakin' amazing as the dying Cassie; previous win. In Jennifer's: Great submissions; she's Michael Landon's daughter.

UPDATE: And the winners were...

Show: General Hospital
Directing: General Hospital
Writing: The Young And The Restless
Lead Actor: Tony Geary, GH
Lead Actress: Kim Zimmer, GL
Supporting Actor: Jordan Clarke, GL
Supporting Actress: Gina Tognoni, GL
Younger Actor: Tom Pelphrey, GL
Younger Actress: Jennifer Landon, ATWT

Sometimes it's like I never left.


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