Quondam Dreams

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tax Burden

I don't mind paying income taxes. I kind of like having things like paved roads and emergency response teams.

But I do wish that there were a way to have one's current income factored in while paying a previous year's taxes.


Last week, I applied for a job doing pretty much what I used to do. It's so suited to me that I wrote the greatest cover letter of all time to explain why.

It's been five days, and still nothing. I know, the recruiter probably hasn't even sent off the resumes yet -- but, geez, people! Can't you just look at the resume and see why you need to offer me a lot of money (or a decent salary with benefits) now?! Don't get me wrong, especially if you're a potential employer: I don't have my heart set on that particular gig, and I'm surprisingly flexible on the compensation thing. It's just that I am really, truly exactly what they're looking for, and you'd think someone would've noticed this by now. Hmph. Hmph, I tell you! HMPH!