Quondam Dreams

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Just A Post-Verdicts Thought

There's something vaguely Shakespearean about the whole Michael Jackson thing, isn't there? If it were a play it would probably be called something like "Jackson of Neverland," but would really be about the apparent and true motives of Tom Sneddon and Thomas Mesereau (cf. "Julius Caesar"). Michael Jackson himself would be the former power player who doesn't realize he's fallen (comic relief provided by those whose job it is to keep this knowlege from him). The alleged victim's mother's self-interest leads her to an alliance with Sneddon, which -- this being a Shakesperean play -- would lead to her son's suicide at the end of Act IV.

Because this is a tragedy play and no one can live happily ever after, the MJ supporters who've been hanging outside the courthouse riot because they don't think he was found innocent enough. Michael throws himself into the fray and dies, but not before finally experiencing a moment of feeling truly loved. Mesereau is the only survivor, and spends the rest of the play wondering how things came to this. Tito takes over Neverland and turns it into a sanctuary for forgotten Jacksons, Osmonds and DeBarges, who within a generation dismantle the amusement park to build a structurally unsound karaoke gazebo.

Hey, I said "vaguely".