Quondam Dreams

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Question About Economics

For all the economists out there -- especially those connected with the Bush administration, but a whole lot of others, too:

Unemployment's on the rise, stocks are in freefall, the social safety looks more shredded every day, and the government keeps trying to bail out entire industries with money that may or may not exist.

How are we not in a recession?

Really. I'm curious.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Note To John McCain, Re: Separation Of Powers

Okay, Senator. I realize that having thrown your lot in with the religious right - the self-proclaimed "base" of the Republican party - you have to throw in their favorite phrases every now and then. That's how it works. So, fine: Talk about the "culture of life" all you want, and let people interpret the vague statement depending on their individual views.

But would you please stop talking about "legislating from the bench"?

The judicial branch can't legislate from the bench. They can't legislate, period. They can only look at legislation and decide whether or not it complies with the Constitution. It's up to the other branches of government to enforce the decision and/or change the Constitution.

I'm having a hard time considering you a legitimate candidate when you keep casting doubt on whether you've actually read that Constitution you've sworn to uphold.

It's entirely possible that you'll ignore this. After all, I'm just some tree-hugging Democrat -- clearly not the audience for whom you're reciting lines. You do what you're going to do. I'll vote for the guy who's done the required reading.