Quondam Dreams

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Note To Certain Internet Users, Re: Opinions

Dear message board users, email list posters and blog commenters,

I've noticed that more and more of you are ending your missives with "Just my opinion".


First of all, if you're posting something that's not a direct quote, it's a safe assumption that it's your opinion. No need to clarify. Save the keystrokes. Consider using the resulting ten seconds to head over to FreeRice.com and directing a few grains of rice to the UN World Food Fund. It'll make you feel good and smart, if not a little hungry.

Perhaps more importantly, it's not "just" your opinion. It's your opinion, and just as valid as anyone else's. Own it! Claim it! Defend it! Put it on a t-shirt and sell it! You're adding to the global human discourse, for heaven's sake. Type with pride and confidence! (Though perhaps not so much confidence that you damage the keyboard. That wouldn't be good for anyone.)

Now, sit down and be counted.