Quondam Dreams

Thursday, May 04, 2006

About That Scream You Just Heard

As you've probably surmised from previous entries, I haven't worked in six weeks.

I lost out on a good contract gig today because I have jury duty next week, and
therefore couldn't guarantee I'd be able to start on Monday. According to the nice woman I spoke with at the court, if I'm called in then I will have to put in an appearance, even if it's just to plead for a postponement.

My agency is trying to set up another interview for me tomorrow. The same question will undoubtedly come up. I have emailed the court for guidance.

Employees can't be fired for performing their civic duty, but there's nothing saying a potential employee can't be passed over because of it. And there's certainly nothing saying that I can't be evicted if I'm not able to pay my rent, even if that's due to missing out on a job or wages because I was reckless enough to register for jury service.

I'm trying to be a good citizen here, but my savings are dwindling and I can't get by on unemployment checks and credit cards for much longer.

So, yeah, I'm just a little frustrated...


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