Quondam Dreams

Friday, January 21, 2005

Complainte Pour Sta. Ana

We had a week of cold, wet and miserable.

Then we had a few nice days.

And then the Santa Anas started.

On paper, there is a certain coolness factor to mid-80s weather in January. In practice, it means hot, dry and miserable. The Santa Anas suck the moisture out of everything. I'm still not sure if I was fighting off a cold for a few days, or if my body was just rebelling.

The weather's much more reasonable now: mid-70s; a little hazy, but still plenty sunny. I'm still getting the splitting headaches that started when the winds did, which is what stress will do to me.

Why am I stressed? Everything and nothing. I need to start looking for a job with real benefits and a real salary and a real future. Issues with a particular web client. Trying to get some more of those damn hats made in the middle of a yarn shortage.

In happier news, The Bush Twins Party Hour is still kicking ass. Last night's was our biggest and best show yet. One more for this run, and then we put some stuff online and start looking for larger venues. As it happens, the Acme class I'm taking is at the National Comedy Theatre on Seward, which is one of the possibilities. A sign? Nah, more like a coincidence -- there aren't that many spaces in this town that are (a) known for being used for comedy shows and (b) within the financial reach of outside groups.

Oh, yeah - I'm taking a class at Acme. After nine years of improv experience, I figured it was time to take some formal classes in a consistent technique. I started the intermediate improv class the other day - so far, so good! (I was kind of hoping to get plugged into the advanced class, but I think they only do that if you've taken paricular classes at other particular schools, since that way they'd have more to go on than what they see at the placement workshop. But intermediate is fine and dandy; I'm sure I'll get a lot of technique out of it - and, anyway, it's the only improv level with a weeknight class this session. My weekends are crazy enough as it is!)

This Sunday I have my first rehearsal for the not-so-little choir that Sally Zito has assembled for her February 4th show. Should be one heck of a new experience! (And at the very least, I'll get in free to a show I would have paid to go see anyway.

What I've learned this week: It's a good thing I'm fine with my hair doing what it wants to do, because if I wanted to have it stay straight for more than an hour more often than once a week for a month, I'd have an even more frustrating life than I already do.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Bush Twins Party Hour in the house

Officially opened The Bush Twins Party Hour last night and... damn. Small crowd due to late buzz, but the internet buzz is insane. Thank you, Defamer. We love you.

If you're reading this because you decided to google some of the people involved with the show... hi. (And I don't mean this to sound mean, but if you're googling us, you might kinda need a life. Or not. Or maybe not. I mean, if this is what you like to do with your time, who am I to judge? I like to do all sorts of things that most people don't think are fun. Google away!) Anyway, please feel free to post a comment or email us, or even sign up for the mailing list. 'Cause we love you too.

Info on next show going up on site (and probably here) sometime in the next day or two. Update on my life going up once I have one again.